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We designed REBUILD for tenacious, persistent people who’ve been riddled with injuries.



After 15 Years Of Micro-Trauma Disc Injuries, Neurosurgery @ 36, Two Shoulder Surgeries And An Appendectomy Gone Wild….

I Had To REBUILD Myself. I DID.

I’m Ashleigh Gass and many of you know my story. I did the work and found the right people to guide a path i’d never been down.I REBUILT my lumbar spine (literally) and recovered neurological function of my L leg.

Roughly 60% of this initial recovery was due to manual physical therapy (originally via Rob Collewjin).Not your standard “insurance” mill PT where assistants watch you perform rudimentary exercises without once touching you. I’m referring to intense, often uncomfortable, yet highly effective manual work.

The other40% of recovery was the discovery and application of Gymnastics Strength Training.

Today, MOVE and I are honored to work personally and professionally with Joe Millen and Philip Ivanov – Physical Therapists, like Rob, in a league of their own.

Now, it’s about you.


How Ashleigh Defeated All Odds And Bounced ‘Back’ From Being Broken.

Sometimes Injuries Build Up To Such A Degree That
Training Isn’t Enough. In Fact, It’s Often Deleterious.

And In Many Cases – The Therapy Being Delivered Isn’t Working Either.

Ineffective Training + Ineffective Therapy = One Big Hot Painful
Mess Of A Body.

people helped by rebuild

Melissa did it too.  REBUILT.

Since July 2015 I have had 6 spine surgeries, two fusion surgeries in my neck and 4 low back surgeries. I was medically retired from the Army in July 2018 and was pretty down about the shape I was in, but my low back pain and neck pain kept me from being able to do the activities I loved to do. In May of 2019 The Wounded Warrior Project offered an hour class at Move Gymnastics, and with it only being 5 minutes from my house I decided to go, and now I must say it was one the best decisions I have ever made. The trainers at MOVE take the time to understand your physical limitations, and modify exercises to meet your abilities without making you feel less than the more advanced students. I have gained mobility in all my joints, even though I have a long way to go, and my chronic pain is gone, just that change is amazing. I have gained strength, mobility and confidence thanks to all the trainers. Special thank you to Ashleigh for introducing me to Impact Health, and for helping me realize I can reach my goals.

– MAX ONLINE – He’s won.

I hurt my back when I was in the military years ago. At first I made do and was able to keep up with my training and the back pain didn’t prevent me from daily activities. Fast forward to a desk job and a family and my back, training and physical shape have gone to pieces. I had ended up in a cycle where I would make progress in my training for a month or two and then I’d do something that would trigger my back pain and I’d be down for a month. I first met Ashleigh at a Gymnastic Strength Training Seminar several years ago, and after falling into this cycle I reached out to Ashleigh(Move GST) because she had personally been through her own back issues, far more severe than mine.

At the time I was in physical therapy, but my progress was minimal. Everyday I had back pain that while getting better, prevented me from activities I wanted to do. Ashleigh set up a call to review the issues and see if she could help. We talked through my back issues as well as the numerous other surgeries I’ve had on my shoulder and distal bicep tendon. Afterwards I sent her my doctors diagnosis for her to review with her team and then she sent an assessment for me to work through and film. She also suggested that I find a physical therapist who does manual tissue work, as the my current therapist was primarily exercise based. I completed the assessment and then with Ashleigh’s help (extensive help, even calling up the practitioners to make sure it was what I needed) found a manual physical therapist and booked a session.

After reviewing the assessment, Ashleigh put together my first week of training and I went to my manual therapy session. The first week of training was appropriately intense, my back was still in pain but the exercises challenged me and helped dial back the pain. I also went to the manual therapy session and combined with the training Ashleigh provided my back underwent a 180. I am now in my fourth week of training and my back pain while still there, is getting better and better. The exercises are helping immensely, but more than just that the entire experience with Ashleigh has been fantastic. We have weekly calls to review the video recordings of my training as well as to talk about how my back and other various ailments are doing. She has been outstanding in making any necessary adjustments on a weekly basis and helping to ensure that I’m making progress not just from a getting stronger perspective, but from a pain one. I can only imagine if I was able to train and work with her team in person for manual physical therapy how much further I’d be.

I highly recommend Ashleigh and her team’s services!!!


– Chuck is terrifying [☠️] but checked in with us between deployments to get a mini REBUILD.

I met Ashleigh Gass in Tampa Florida in November of 2017 and conducted several training session with her. I learned several principle, techniques and exercises that positively changed my quality of life and the way I train.

I am a Special Forces Soldier with 21 years in the Army and 12 combat deployments. During my time in 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) I have received three purple hearts for injuries sustained during deployments in Afghanistan. One was from a large blast injury and the other two from sustaining bullet wounds to the right hand, buttocks, right leg and right back area. These injuries have left me with sever mobility, and pain issues, in my leg, right shoulder and back. My back become such an issue in 2016 that I ended up in a wheel chair temporary.

After training with Ashley I have started to incorporate much more body weight, stability, mobility and gymnastics exercises into my workout regime. I have started to incorporate Jefferson Curls and back bridging exercises into almost every warm up. Core exercises focus around exercises such as pikes and hollow body rocks. Weighted mobility exercises and the use of therapist to scrap tight muscles and tendons have greatly increased my ability to move freely.

Our first workout together she had me conduct seemingly simple exercises that led me to being completely smoked. I remember that she has us do 5 rounds of hollow body rocks. Seemed incredibly simple and during the first round I commented to myself about how simple the exercise seemed. By the end of round two my entire core was on fire and I had great difficulty completing the next three rounds. After these and doing pikes I was left sore the next day in places I am not sure I have ever had muscle soreness in. She had me do Jefferson Curls with a very low weight and explained the progression of this exercise to eventually being able to do your body weight. I have incorporated doing these into almost every workout and for the first time since I can remember I don’t wake up with my back locked up and extremely painful.

After incorporating mobility and gymnastics exercises into my routine I feel like I can move freely again and with minimal pain. At 41 years old I can still easily outperform most of our younger soldiers. This was not the case four years ago before I started heavily incorporating more mobility and gymnastics exercises into my routine where pain and mobility issues effected my performance.


– Pamela walked into MOVE off the street one day. She’d had several ‘pain management’ injections into her lumbar spine. Not surprisingly, wasn’t doing well.

After being laid up in the hospital because of my back “going out” several times over the years, I decided to do something about it. I started working out with Ashleigh at MOVE, and also coinciding exercising with physical therapy. By working with both Ashleigh, and Philip at Impact Health, my back muscles have become significantly stronger. I have become healthier and stronger over just a couple of months.

– Mike is new to REBUILD & making rapid progress.

His excitement level is such that he’s currently speechless ?

– Brooke is also new to REBUILD & manual therapy. So far, so good ??

I am 25 years old and have been dealing with back pain on and off for the last two years. My back has an S curve due to scoliosis. I went to chiropractors, physical therapists, spinal specialists, and personal trainers but nothing had seemed to be promising. I went to Joe and Phillip twice already and they did hands on work to help shift my spine in the direction that it should be going. The session also helped me become more conscious of what feels good for my body and what it defaults to so that I could make changes. I have high hopes for the work that is going to be done to treat my scoliosis and already notice a difference. Joe and Phillip really know what they are doing and truly care about getting to the root of the issue and solving the problem.

– Kristie W. has completely turned her health around.

At the beginning of October, I began a journey to turn my nutritional and body shape around to one where I can regain my strength, flexibility and balance. Since I started my waist measurement on 10/7/19 = 45 and same measurement 11/14/19 = 42. I would say that is amazing. Not only that, but my lower leg strength has noticeably improved and oh as a huge side note: Blood pressure very low, almost off my anti inflammatory meds of a daily 15mg of meloxicam and generally feeling much better. A first class training program that is personal and tailored to my specific needs. Very happy I have started this journey.

Kristie Whitmore.

We launched REBUILD because the combination of manual physical therapy & Gymnastics Inspired Strength Training works.

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