Ash “Stretch to Sleep” (inspired somewhat by the book Go the F to Sleep by Adam Mansbach)

We know how important sleep and flexibility are to overall health, but what do they have in common?Approximately 1 in 3 adults are sleep deprived, and we can safely assume most adults aren’t flexible and are losing mobility and muscle mass with age.

People often claim lack of time for stretching, and staying up too late for adequate sleep.To help improve BOTH – we thought we’d release a stretch program that’s meant to be done at night (after you’re settled in, tucked the kids to bed and taken care of urgent business matters).

This program will introduce you to full body stretching meant to be done at night before sleep.The intention is to help you relax while also allowing for weekly improvements in flexibility.You can do this program 2-4 nights/week depending on your recovery.

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