You found us. Welcome to MOVE – a story crafted from Ash’s recovery from severe lower-back injuries & mandatory neurosurgery. She stumbled across Robb Wolf’s podcast interview with Coach Chris Sommer, founder of GymnasticBodies. In this interview, Robb and Sommer discussed back injuries at length.

She jumped into a world of training (gymnastics strength training, or GST) she’d not heard much about, integrated it into her strength training, and never looked back. MOVE was born out of her success and that of her clients. She defied the odds, disregarded poor advice from the ‘sick care’ system (you know, advice like not to do this or that, to give up on that, reduce the rest, etc.), and made it. You can read a bit more about that story here.

MOVE combines traditional strength training, calisthenics, stretching, and mobility. We will teach you to find that sweet spot in training so that you’re again strong, flexible, and confident in your body. If you’re already an elite athlete looking for a calisthenics gym, we’ve got you covered too!

Our classes focus on skill acquisition, strength development, joint strength, and mobility, core and low back training, shoulder prehab/rehab, endurance training, and much more. We also offer private training sessions, where your training is customized.

Our introductory program, Fundamentals, allows you to work one-on-one with our coaches to learn the basics and prepare for classes. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll join our tribe of happy, healthy, quirky folks. We blend unlimited class access with scheduled private training sessions to keep you accountable, successful, and ahead of the game.



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Our Results

Each of our clients has their own personal goals and lifestyle. We cater to getting the most gains for the Individual.

Each person will build a foundation of strength and mobility for lifelong health and confidence.


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