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You found us. Welcome to MOVE – a story crafted from Ash’s recovery from severe lower-back injuries & mandatory neurosurgery. She stumbled across Robb Wolf’s podcast interview with Coach Chris Sommer, founder of GymnasticBodies. In this interview, Robb and Sommer discussed back injuries at length.

She jumped into a world of training (gymnastics strength training, or GST) she’d not heard much about, integrated it into her strength training, and never looked back. MOVE was born out of her success and that of her clients. She defied the odds, disregarded poor advice from the ‘sick care’ system (you know, advice like not to do this or that, to give up on that, reduce the rest, etc.), and made it. You can read a bit more about that story here.

MOVE combines traditional strength training, calisthenics, stretching, and mobility. We will teach you to find that sweet spot in training so that you’re again strong, flexible, and confident in your body. If you’re already an elite athlete looking for a calisthenics gym, we’ve got you covered too!

Our classes focus on skill acquisition, strength development, joint strength, and mobility, core and low back training, shoulder prehab/rehab, endurance training, and much more. We also offer private training sessions, where your training is customized.

Our introductory program, Fundamentals, allows you to work one-on-one with our coaches to learn the basics and prepare for classes. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll join our tribe of happy, healthy, quirky folks. We blend unlimited class access with scheduled private training sessions to keep you accountable, successful, and ahead of the game.


Stavros MichailidisStavros Michailidis
15:52 26 Jul 23
Love it. This is the perfect place for me. It's working out at a much higher level.
Michelle McMichelle Mc
18:57 07 Jul 23
Do your body a favor and work out here. These guys know what they are doing. You will move better, and (with time) your joints will feel younger. It’s not like other workouts, which is hard to explain so just try it. It’s challenging, totally scalable, and your age shouldn’t matter.
Gabriella MeadGabriella Mead
15:20 06 Jul 23
I’ve been at MOVE for quite some time and I recently started working with Ash for nutrition. My doctor was concerned that how much I was training and how little I was eating was causing the issues I was seeing them about. Here we are just a few months later, eating more than I think I’ve ever eaten and seeing GREAT results in performance and body recomposition. Plus, all the things I was having issues with has gone out the window! Ashlee has this vast wealth of knowledge and I knew working with her would be the right call.
Stephen GoodrickStephen Goodrick
14:55 13 Jun 23
When my insurance stopped paying for physical therapy for my injured knee, my therapist recommended Chris Kirchman at MOVE Gym for gymnastics-based strength training. I embarked on a safe but rigorous regimen of personal training and beginner classes. After years of rehab, the pain in my knee finally started to improve. Ashley, the owner, the whole staff and even the other clients are super welcoming, supportive and upbeat. I couldn’t recommend MOVE more highly.
Megan SimpsonMegan Simpson
13:39 01 Jun 23
I was initially acquainted with MOVE in October 2022 when I attended a Wim Hof workshop. I was in the midst of a pretty traumatizing health challenge and was in a space of limbo in what I had been dealing with for over 3 years and what was to come. I was working on holistic healing and didn't know what would come of my work. Something about this space, because it's SO much more than a 'gym,' enthralled me and just caught me up. Even though I was in a space of distress and not knowing my future I KNEW I'd be back, even if I didn't know how exactly or when, I KNEW I'd be back and hopefully training with these people. Ash drew me in as well, I was intrigued with knowing MOVE and I had no idea why. I'm an empath and energy healer and I also trust in God's divine timing and intervention, and MOVE was and is a part of that for me. I moved here from Colorado in late 2021 and am still unfamiliar with Florida, but I immediately felt invited in even though it hadn't even been discussed yet. After months of fighting for my health and then ultimately having an unfortunate surgery I officially closed that traumatic chapter of my life. I was ordered to wait 6 weeks to do anything physically. As soon as that time was up I looked up MOVE and I set a date to come and try a class. Ash immediately called me personally and we chatted for a bit. This place is no joke! They actually care about YOU and your history, your present and what you are seeking. They make the experience EXTREMEMLY personal in a good way. You feel like your time ( I drive an hour to and from this amazing space now 4 days a week) is well spent, your investment is well spent and you actually feel and see your progress. The energy in this space is amazing and I know energy! The people are from all backgrounds, all experiences, trauma's, surgeries, healing, doesn't matter this place has the most beautiful people. The trainers are top notch, best in class and most experienced. I've worked with most of them and enjoy every single one of these humans. I feel like I'm taken care of and I am not progressed until I work up to that point of earning it, and because of that injuries are really of no concern at all. They will tell you if you're not ready for a progression if you're not ready, and you work your way there with hard work and when you do get there it feels so good! I could seriously keep going on, but I've been working out and training there since March now and I'm super happy with my investment! I feel SO blessed to be at MOVE. I am so excited to see how far I can go and this for me is a new chapter, a new blessing and a new level of life! No going back now and I'm so stoked about that! Love you guys!! 😀
Chase CavaliereChase Cavaliere
16:35 29 Mar 23
MOVE is a one of a kind gym where people of all walks of life can start a life changing journey towards becoming the best version of themselves. I have been coaching and training there for a year, and it has showed me that I am so much more than I ever thought I could be both physically and mentally. Regardless of skill level, MOVE will challenge any athlete to transcend beyond their preconceived judgments of themself. Even as competitive cheerleader of 7 years, there is truly no limit to the challenges that Calisthenics provides. I am forever grateful for all of the strength, knowledge, skills, and relationships I have gained here at MOVE, and am ambitious to never stop learning about our human potential!
Christopher RouseChristopher Rouse
22:10 24 Mar 23
Wow! Love this place. I moved to Florida almost two years ago and I had my eye in this place well before I moved. Because I live in Tampa it took a few months of living here before I fully committed to joining this gym. Best decision I’ve ever made! The coaches are extremely knowledgeable (pretty sure they invented calestinics) and the classes are well balanced between strength, mobility, and flexibility. Regardless of the class most people are able to do two in a row and it’s always a good time! I have a lot of fun here and have continued to improve my personal fitness. Each coach brings a unique set of skills and I cannot pick a favorite! Highly recommend to join because there is nothing else like it in the country! Y’all rock!
Trish BassTrish Bass
16:58 22 Mar 23
I can't begin to tell you all of the benefits that I have gotten from joining MOVE gym. My trainer, Jorge, assessed my physical needs and put together an unbelievable training program for me. He really knows how to stretch the body in order to maximize all my muscles. He even ordered toe separators for me to wear when we work out, so as to strengthen my feet (weakened from surgery).When I see other people working out there, doing phenomenal exercises and gymnastic moves, I tell Jorge that is what I want to be able to do, and he tells me I'm on my way to be able to do it. I feel that my body is waking up for the first time in a long time, and it feels stronger, more energetic, and the endorphins make it happier.Jorge knows his job so well, and has an instinct to recognize how much is needed to build the body to its maximum capacity. It is very observable that everyone who works there has the desire to help all their clients. It is a great gym, very different from regular gyms, as are their classes, and I am thrilled that I found them.


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