Our weekly stretch classes are perfect for those who have gotten tight!  These classes effectively warm up and lengthen your muscles using a combination of strength, mobility, and flexibility exercises. These classes will gradually take you through many techniques that will help to open up the entire body. You’ll start to notice mobility and strength gains after your first session.


Our strength training classes focus on upper and lower body exercises that will help you gain strength for cool gymnastics skills that you see with our more experienced members. We introduce gymnastics terminology and break down some of the basic exercises and shapes.

This class helps to develop strong body awareness. Foundations class will also introduce students to exercises using the stall bar, rings, monkey bars, walls, and floor.  You’ll develop the ability to do chin ups, push ups, planks, and more dynamic movements such as muscle ups and handstands. Your legs and spine will get stronger as you learn exercises for the single leg squat, lunges, traditional squats, and all of our core drills.

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Integrated into all of our classes (with some specialty classes) are shoulder and hip prehab.

In our modern-day, we use repetitive movement patterns such as driving, texting, and typing. As a result, we’ve developed immobile shoulders that are often the source of pain.

Our shoulder prehab exercises are designed to correct imbalances in the ENTIRE shoulder girdle. These specifically designed movements will help sustain your other gym passions and overall health and wellness.

Our hip prehab exercises are a series of invigorating blend of strength and mobility circuits and drills. Think small and controlled movements with high reps. Learn to be mobile and strong in multiple directions. These integrated series rely heavily on bodyweight as resistance to tighten and tone and is perfect for runners, cyclists and weightlifters –  a must-have workout that aids in reversing repetitive movement patterns.