At MOVE, we believe in the power of tailoring workouts to match your unique needs and aspirations. That’s why we offer Personal Training as a separate, highly sought-after service and a core component of our renowned Hybrid Memberships.

Personal Training is the ultimate choice for those seeking a fully customized fitness experience that revolves around their busy schedules. Our devoted Personal Training clients train with us 2-5 days a week, embracing a diverse range of goals – from prehab and rehabilitation to rekindling their fitness journey after years of stagnancy, from preparing for CrossFit competitions to achieving total body recomposition with the added advantage of nutrition coaching.

The journey commences with a meaningful in-person meeting at our state-of-the-art facility. This meeting ensures that we match your unique aspirations and requirements perfectly. Following this, we embark on a comprehensive intake process that delves deep into your strengths, mobility abilities, injury history, past experiences, and goals, paving the way for the best path forward.

Our spectrum of Personal Training clients encompasses individuals from all walks of life – from absolute beginners looking to take their first steps into the world of fitness to intermediate and elite-level athletes and dedicated weekend warriors. Notably, we are proud to receive referrals from esteemed local physical therapists, MDs, and chiropractors, who entrust us with their patients upon completing their rehab protocols.

The heart of our Personal Training programs lies in their diversity and adaptability. Every regimen is carefully crafted to encompass Gymnastics Strength Training (GST), traditional strength training, mobility exercises, flexibility routines, and other essential elements tailored specifically for you.

Our mission extends beyond just training sessions. We strive to empower you with knowledge, nurturing your independence as you progress on your fitness journey. Ultimately, we aim to integrate you seamlessly into our class structure, where you’ll continue to thrive and achieve greatness.

Our personal training sessions are built into packages, and 3-month programs.

Packages are designed for people who intend to graduate into classes fairly quickly, while programs are designed for people who ‘know’ they’ve got a lot of work to do, and need a longer time frame to accomplish this work.

Personal training packages and programs are also very well paired with our custom nutrition coaching, led by Ashleigh.

For all questions related to packages, programs, and pricing, please contact us directly.