8 week mini transformation

“Nicole came to me very confused on how to lose weight. She was running and doing home workouts but that did not work for her. She could not lose any weight, or body fat. She was attending a laser and cryo facility hoping to lose weight and inches in her mid-section. Along with functional training 3 times per week and laser treatment she lost 8 inches and lost weight gaining muscle and endurance. Proper nutrition was implemented along with hard work discipline”

“Teri started her fitness journey with me in February of 2022. She was 278 lbs with multiple health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and borderline diabetes. It’s been a long but beautiful journey – Teri is now 219 lbs following a sound nutrition plan and working out 3 to 4 times a week. Tremendous weight loss and finally off of every single medication she was on when started”

“Danielle was attending her laser and cryo treatment for the past 12 months and did not get her results at all. She was giving up on her workouts and running at home. She was referred to MOVE and started her journey with me! She had doubts about her ability to reach her goals……

But, slowly with her hard work, proper nutrition and water intake Danielle has met her goal and now getting her endurance back. She lost 11lb and 5 inches in her mid-section. Even though she has met her ideal goals Danielle is still working hard on her endurance and keeping her wellness in shape”.

Ivana - 8 Week Transformation at MOVE GST

We get it – taking the steps necessary for a healthier life can be overwhelming. A swirl of training, nutrition, trying to sleep, stretch and meal prep…….where does one start?

You would like to gain muscle, lose body fat and see legit body composition change over time but you are not sure how to fit the necessary steps into your busy schedule.

Perhaps you’ve tried before, many times. Some people have difficulty juggling training and nutrition together for long enough to see change. Yet, it’s the combination of training and nutrition long-term that WILL lead to significant changes in body composition. So, it’s our job to help you with this process.

My name is Ivana and one of my specialties as a coach is streamlining this process with you. I’ve had several clients go through 8-week (and on-going) mini-transformations (some of these transformations aren’t so mini!!).

During this 8-weeks, I work closely with you 2-3 times/week to establish an effective strength training program (which also consists of mobility and stretching) and foundational nutrition knowledge. Our foundational nutrition course covers important topics such as macro and micro nutrients, ins and outs of popular diet protocols, sports nutrition and personalization. As you go through this course and increase your knowledge level, I’ll help you with customization!

I’m passionate about sharing all of the best tips, tricks ,and secrets for delicious meal preparation and effective training multiple times/week.

I’ve found tremendous success teaching my clients how to break down seemingly impossible goals into daily and weekly steps to win, long-term.

Please feel free to shoot me an email and/or book a call so we can discuss whether this 8-week program is a fit for you.

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